effect Package

effect Package

class cg.effect.Effect(cgeffect, bridge, parameter_factory=None, technique_factory=None)[source]

Bases: cg.utils.Disposable

Wraps CG Effect.


Gets effect parameters as a cg.parameter.ParameterCollection.


Gets techniques defined for an effect as a tuple of cg.effect.technique.EffectTechnique.

pass_ Module

class cg.effect.pass_.Pass(cgpass, bridge)[source]

Bases: object

Contains state for rendering with an effect.


Begins the rendering pass.

See also

Function cgSetPassState
This function is used internally by begin().

Ends the rendering pass.

See also

Function cgResetPassState
This function is used internally by end().

technique Module

class cg.effect.technique.EffectTechnique(cgtechnique, bridge, name, valid)[source]

Bases: cg.utils.ReprMixin

Effect technique.

name = None

Gets the name of the technique (string)


Gets technique passes as a tuple of cg.effect.pass_.Pass

repr_members = (u'name', u'valid')
valid = None

Gets whether the technique is valid on current hardware or not (bool)

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